Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anastasia: I do my best thinking in the shower.

everyday I run the shower
for several minutes
before I get in.

I listen to the water
splatter on the floor
and peek the curtain

just enough to feel
the faucet kiss
my bare hands and feet

that rest beside it
on the floor.
I think of all the ways

I am torn.
Between left and right
up and down.

my body is segmented
like an ant. I never
know which part is

alive and moving.
maybe my arms are
dead and maybe my

thighs are an icy
tundra, unfriendly and hostile
to manifest destiny.

everyday I stand
and enter into steam.
I never wait for it to cool.

everyday I start from the top
and work my way to the bottom
but I wonder-

how long would it take me
to be kissed clean
unmoving, on the floor?

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