Wednesday, April 9, 2008

christa*: a midnight proposal

you lead a very complicated life, he said. complicated? maybe... but today it's just empty. Keys opening doors is the only hint of belonging as the space between the possibilities expands with my chest. Breathing in smoke and smog, I long for a horizon, a snow-covered mountain, a lake, with a canoe for two. If I am two, will you be my one? We can play at love, nibble at it around the edges until the sugar-coated giddiness forgets the goal of the game. For playing kissing touching slide the snowflakes down the tips of green, carried by old friends weighed down by change. I think I could love you, she said, and kissing touching playing they giggled, tossing words like leaves of fall, and welcoming their return. Cherry blossoms of warm rain float down through thick air of four eyes searching, seeing hands touching in propped pillows and wondering... would you complicate me?

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Poet Tree said...

The last line of this...I love.